How can hypnosis help me? benefits natural conception  MP3 package 3 powerful hypnosis sessions to enhance your chance of natural conception. Feel in control and positive as you visualise your natural conception and healthy pregnancy. by renowned hypnotherapists & hypnofertility practitioners online fertility hypnosis how hypnosis can help with fertility treatment Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for many issues that patients may face during fertility treatment. As hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind it is possible for the patient to accept positive suggestions that may be rejected on a conscious level. Some patients may only want to work on reducing stress levels and learning how to achieve deeper relaxation, others may benefit from addressing more specific issues that they would like to deal with. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which is wonderful to experience. In this trance state problems can be faced and resolved calmly, openly and effectively. Whilst in hypnosis you remain fully aware and in complete control, bringing your own solutions to issues. The hypnotherapist is purely a navigator who helps you release the inner resources needed to resolve these issues. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, natural and safe therapy which, combined with various self help techniques, can help in many different ways.  Following are some examples of how hypnotherapy can be beneficial: to help the patient regain control of her/his life, not letting concerns about fertility take over all aspects of everyday life, to focus on the positive and put things into perspective - learning to enjoy life again to teach various techniques for effective relaxation when alone, eg: self hypnosis, positive visualisation, EFT to work on improving self esteem and confidence levels which are key to developing a positive attitude to help the patient to come to terms with and accept the current situation to reduce/eliminate feelings of inadequacy or guilt linked to fertility problems to deal with emotional issues from the past such as relationships, terminations to reinforce the patient's belief in procedures that need to be undertaken during assessment and treatment to reduce stress levels to use visualisation exercises to reduce any nervousness the patient may feel about the clinical procedures that need to take place to work on dealing with other people's pregnancies and children to teach self help techniques to cope better when faced with a difficult situation for anger management, for those patients who feel underlying anger and bitterness, perhaps with themselves and their partner, or maybe at the situation and world in general for continued support during treatment and possible pregnancy, support and relaxation sessions while waiting for treatment or results assisted conception  MP3 package 3 powerful hypnosis sessions to support your fertility treatment. Feel positive about your journey to conception and trust that a healthy pregnancy is perfectly possible. Copyright Treo Productions Ltd. £ 21.99 £ 21.99